Ireland Guinness 6 Nations Sirius Match Ball


Ireland Guinness 6 Nations Sirius Match Ball

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For the first time ever Gilbert have introduced the official Guinness Six Nations match balls available for purchase. Own a piece of 'Rugby's Greatest Championship' history with the official match ball from your favourite nation.

Very rarely available, these official Guinness Six Nations match balls are provided pre-inflated, with an official certificate of authenticity and there are only a limited number of 25 available, exclusive through Each ball features the official match design for each of the host unions, with official championship branding and include all of the elite performance of the famous Sirius match ball.

Here, we introduce the Ireland Guinness 6 Nations Sirius Match Ball. Ireland have won the Six Nations Championship tournament on 4 occasions, with 2 of those being Grand Slams - the pinnacle of Northern Hemisphere rugby.

The Ireland Sirius Match Ball features the powerful Irish emerald green ellipse trims with the famous Irish Rugby 3 sprig shamrock logo and the official Guinness Six nations Championship branding.

The Sirius match ball takes its name from the brightest star in the sky, visible from both the Southern and Northern hemispheres; the ball represents the coming together of the best rugby players from across the globe. Sirius is also the 7th closest star from planet Earth, representative of the 7th generation of Gilbert Rugby World Cup match balls.

Well respected as the best match ball in world rugby, the Sirius comprises an enhanced grip pattern which includes two star shaped pimples of different heights to maximise grip and aid water dispersion without compromising durability and aerodynamics. These represent the fact that the Sirius Star is made up of a main sequence star, Sirius A and a faint dwarf companion, Sirius B.

If you want to own an iconic piece of rugby history, as the ultimate Irish Supporter, it doesn't get any better than the Ireland Guinness 6 Nations Sirius Match Ball.

*As we have only offered a limited number of these balls for purchase, these balls are excluded from all promotions.


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